Serving the needy since 1945

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has plans to improve and provide a foundation for the future of the orphan children and various other weaker groups of our society. Our future plans depends on the help extended by the Government, public, and the NRIs.


We have been planning to set up a Polytechnic institute to facilitate a better future for the orphan children after their basic schooling. Sivananda Ashram plans to set up a polytechnic institute with various departments/across various fields enabling the children to qualify in a field/trade they are interested in. This will help children obtain technical qualifications in mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer science and other such areas, which will help them during their job hunt in the corresponding field. Besides helping the 300+ orphan children of Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram, this project will also help thousands of other orphan children in the state. We propose to set up the required plant and machinery, construct the building and get recognition from the government as early as possible. We hope to start the Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram polytechnic institute within the next couple of years.

Computer Training Centre:

Importance of Information Technology/Computer Technology is increasing exponentially in India. Even villages in our country are slowly developing in this field. Infrastructure such as access to Internet etc have increased dramatically. Given the circumstances, in order to have the children in our orphanage well-qualified in the filed of computers, we plan to start a Computer Training Centre. This center also will not only cater to the needs of the kids of Sivananda Orphanage but will help the orphan children coming from various organizations in the State of Tamilnadu. We require at least 50 computers to start this Computer Training Center.

School for Deaf and Dumb:

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has received numerous requests to start a school for Deaf and Dumb children. We have had to deny admission to many deaf/dumb children in our schools because we do not have the necessary infrastructure to take care of these special kids currently. Despite a possible nominal grant of Rs. 36/- per child per month from the Government for this cause, we require additional finance and resources to construct the building, to set up additional infrastructure etc. If finance and resources are available, we will be very happy to start a deaf and dumb school very soon. 

Service to blind, spastic, and mentally challenged:

We are eager to start this project especially because we have been unable to admit a number of such special children and adults who have wanted our help in the past. Taking care of these children needs additional help and additional monetary aid. Monetary aid from donors will help us set up the necessary infrastructure to house these special kids and also employ the additional help required to look after these kids.

Sivananda Arts College without Donation Fee:

Today, education is highly commercialized. The rich and affluent can afford the initial fees required for an admission to a college. However, in the 400+ orphanages run by various voluntary organizations throughout the State of Tamilnadu, thousands of orphan children graduate from higher secondary education every year. These children do not have either the moral or financial support to pursue their Graduation/Post Graduation studies. Though many of these children may not be willing or may not be qualified to pursue a higher education, hundreds of interested children do not have the resources to do so. Our Ashram wants to start a college, charging no fees but providing competitive facilities to these kids throughout the State.

If you would like to know the specifics about any project and/or would like to contribute for a specific cause, then please contact us (click here).

If you would like to donate (via cheque, credit/debit card, netbanking, bank transfer etc), please click here.

Admission of orphans:

We get babies from bus stands, railway stations, temples, and even at the main gate of the Gurukulam. Abandoned babies are also sent from hospitals. All these children are admitted to the ashram without any reservations. Well-structured procedures like verifying details about the parents etc. are followed before we admit these children to the orphanage. Government certification from someone at the level of a "Tahsildar" is obtained to verify if the parents of the child are deceased and if the kid really needs help from an NGO. The Tahsildar also checks & certifies that the annual income of the guardian of the child is less then a sum of Rs. 2400/- and then qualifies the kid to be admitted to an orphanage. Additionally, a secured document preferably an "F.I.R" is also obtained from the local police station in certain cases.

Admission Of Senior Citizens:

Our ashram is the only organization in the State which provides a home for orphan children and senior citizens under the same roof. The ashram’s calm and relaxing environment helps these elders spend the remaining years of their life peacefully. The organization provides food and shelter along with basic medical facilities to these elders. Dormitories and cottages are provided in our old age home for both men and women. These dorms and cottages include all the basic facilities like a bed, fan, table and chair, water facilities etc. Please download our "Conditions and Fees Structure" Document that gives details on getting admitted in our Ashram.

Food Facilities:

All meals are usually served in the dining hall. Morning tea is provided followed by breakfast which includes idly, dosa etc. around 8.30 am. Lunch is served at 12.30 pm with a curry/subzi, sambar, rasam, rice and butter milk. Evening snacks are served to the elders. Dinner is served around 8 pm and includes some kind of tiffin. Sick and diabetic residents are served food according to their requirements. Special care is taken to cook quality food to keep elders and kids in good health. On festival days and on the day of a feast provided by the donors, both elders and children are provided with special meals that include vadai, appalam, sweets and other special food served on plantain leaves, just like in any other house.

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"What good did the creature of the earth do to the clouds that pour the rain? So indeed should you serve society seeking no return. There is no pleasure in this world or in the other world equal to the joy of being helpful to those around you. Do not lose the opportunity for this rare pleasure."


(THIRUKKURAL is one of the greatest poetical composition of antiquity written ever in Indian Literature)



Child Welfare:

New children are admitted to our orphanage periodically. We normally admit kids who have lost both their parents. Currently, total strength of our ashram is 300. Inflow of children is balanced with the outflow of children that graduate from 10th class every year. Generally, children who have one parent alive are not admitted, but the ashram board makes certain exceptions based on their poverty levels etc. Pure orphans are our first priority.

We provide a hygienic environment, balanced nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, morals, basic family values, culture, and above all the true value of love and affection.

We get an unexplainable sense of satisfaction by serving these children.

Old Age Home:

The idea of starting an old age home was proposed by His Holiness Sankaracharya of Kanchee Mutt when he visited the orphanage. It is due to his efforts a home for the aged was started in the year 1985 and inaugurated by SHRI R.Venkataraman, the then honorable vice-president of india.

One of the major advantages of our organization is that all the 300 orphaned kids have the support of the 80+ senior citizens who themselves are neglected by their kith and kin. The kids do not feel that they are born as orphans and they can select one or more of the 80 senior citizens as their father, mother, grandma or grandpa. In return, the senior citizens get love and affection from more than 300 tiny tots when they need it the most.

We currently have approximately 20 employees helping take care of the orphanage and the old age home.


The Ashram has a dispensary in which a Doctor takes care of not only the kids & elders of the institution, but also the villagers of Chengalpattu MGR District. In addition to taking care of the physical health by having Doctors, Nurses, and Ayas to support thousands of human beings within our premises, we also take care of mental health needs such as counselling, outdoor activities, keeping the environment clean with greenery and so on thereby resulting in upbeat perspective of life for everyone.


The organization runs both primary and high schools accredited by the State Government, which benefits the orphans and thousands of rural children in and around Chengalpattu MGR District.

Total number of children in all schools = 3500+ 

Total number of staff in all schools = 200+ 

Total number of villages served = 50+


A Seminar On Promotion Of National Integration And Mass Feeding :

Dr. S. Rajaram wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to sanction grants for conducting 5 Seminars during 5 National Festivals of our Country. The Government accepted his suggestion for a seminar and mass feeding for thousands of villagers for five festivals. Due to his initiative the organization conducted seminars on promotion of national integration and mass feeding by inviting key individuals and Ministers. Thousands of villagers attended the seminar and got benefited. This approach resulted as a very good platform for the villagers to understand the reality of life, create sense of Unity, and promote National Integration. 

Rehabilitation Of Srilanka Orphan Children:

The riots in Sri Lanka was a rude shock for everyone as the people from Indian origin were badly affected. When the trouble started, Dr. S. Rajaram wrote to the Government of India that he is prepared to admit 50 orphan children who are parentless or helpless in the orphanage and try to rehabilitate them. He proceeded to the refugee camp in Mandapam near Rameswaram and worked in the relief camp for a week along with Shri Ramakrishna Mission. He identified the children and fulfilled all the formalities and gave asylum to 50 orphan children at Sivananda Gurukulam. 

Started with only three children in a thatched shed, the Gurukulam now has its own buildings and infrastructure that can maintain our big family of more than 400 residents of all ages. It has developed into a large humanitarian center with various units primarily working for the cause of the poor and destitute.

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram manages various activities/units under its banner:

  • Sivananda Sisu Rakshaka Mandir
  • Dr. Mangalam Elementary School
  • Dr. Mangalam High School
  • Sivananda Primary Matriculation School
  • Sivananda Higher Secondary Matriculation School
  • Sivananda Rajaram Senior Secondary School
  • Sivananda Free Dispensary
  • Sivananda Free Maternity Home
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Sivananda center for Typewriting
  • Sivananda Tailoring Training Center
  • Sivananda Old Age Home
  • Sivananda Community Service

A few more highlights…

  • 14 acres of land
  • New Dormitories
  • Timely telecast of educational programs via cable television/VCRs/VCDs
  • 24 x 7 ambulance
  • A Bus
  • Internet Access
  • Dining Halls
  • Libraries
  • New School complexes
  • Auditoriums
  • Newly constructed cottages for the senior citizens
  • Well maintained toilet & sanitation facilities
  • Newly constructed bath rooms for boys & girls
  • A new modernized kitchen that utilizes solar energy
  • A house mother for every 15 kids
  • Nurses
  • New School complexes
  • Highly qualified school teachers
  • Well maintained trees and gardens
  • Gardeners

....and more.

One of the major advantages of our organization is that all the 300 orphaned kids have the support of the 80+ senior citizens who themselves are neglected by their kith and kin. The kids do not feel that they are born as orphans and they can select one or more of the 80 senior citizens as their father, mother, grandma or grandpa. In return, the senior citizens get love and affection from more than 300 tiny tots when they need it the most.

Dr. S. Rajaram - General Secretary

Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram - Executive Secretary

......are affectionately called "Anna" (Brother) and "Akka" (Sister) within our ashram premises. Dr. Rajaram and Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram have been key personalities behind the institution's success in the past two decades.

Dr. S. Rajaram is a commerce graduate from Madras Christian College in Chennai, India. He was only 19 years old when he was given this responsibility after his parents (the founders') demise. Since 1974 he took over the enormous task of managing this organization accompanied by his wife Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram. 

Dr. S. Rajaram created an awareness among the public to participate in festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, Pongal etc. with the ashram residents, by not only helping financially, but also by showing love and affection. His efforts gave new and wholesome lives to thousands of orphans and destitute women who are being rehabilitated every year. Dr. S. Rajaram is a recent recipient of the Padma Shri award.

Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram is a post graduate degree holder in Philosophy from Madras Christian College in Chennai, India. She works with complete dedication everyday towards the sole cause of providing a better life for her family of 400+ residents.

It is their sincerity & dedication that motivates both Dr. and Mrs. Rajaram to work hard, mobilize public opinions, raise resources, and undertake projects for the growth of this establishment.

Since 1974, when they started managing the affairs of this institution, both have contributed very significantly in various departments towards the growth of this organization. Due to their initiatives, sincerity and involvement, today Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has its own buildings and infrastructure that can maintain a huge family of more than 400 residents of all ages. Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has a strong group of dedicated, highly motivated, and sincere employees who work towards the ashram’s cause.

Besides these two key leaders, the institution is also backed by a trust/committee comprising of experts like leading entrepreneurs and various other professionals.

Dr. S. Rajaram receiving the Padma Shri award
Lakshmi Rajaram with children during a vacation in New Delhi