Sivananda Gurukulam. Serving the needy since 1945.


Quotes from some of our visitors

It is said that when God closes one door he opens another. So when a child looses natural parents God takes the responsibility of the parents, and HE does this through some divine souls. Blesses are those divine souls and the children who receive the affection of these divine souls are even more blessed. Seeing is believing that in these days of man eating man there are some like Dr. S. Rajaram and Smt. Rajaram who love those who are entrusted to their care by the ALMIGHTY. I wish the children all the best parental love and affection and elders/aged person's peace, happiness and good health. Above all I wish the ashram and the patronage of all those more fortune in the service of less fortune. May God give energy, strength and will power to the young couple to cross many hurdle that come in their way in the course of those who are entrusted to their care by the ALMIGHTY for their welfare. WITH LOVE TO ALL.