Sivananda Gurukulam. Serving the needy since 1945.

About Us

Our Background

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram celebrated its 75th year anniversary [Platinum Jubilee] in 2020.

Shri. S. V. Iyer and Dr. V. Mangalam, an elderly couple, started Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram in 1945 with just 3 kids and with the blessings of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. More popularly known as "Sivananda Ashram/Orphanage/Gurukulam", the organization has grown to be a very well known and well recognized social institution in the country today.

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram is a national awardee non-profit organisation with the primary objective of protecting orphans, destitute women, children with special needs, and the elderly. Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram is based near Chennai with more than 75 years of recorded services to thousands of poor orphans consistently providing them not just food, education and shelter, but also instilling morals to help our children grow, learn and eventually become independent. Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram is providing a hygienic environment, balanced nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, morals, basic family values, culture, and above all the true value of love and affection for more than seven decades. One of the major advantages of Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram is that all children have the support of the senior citizens who themselves are neglected by their kith and kin. In return, the senior citizens get love and affection from the tiny tots when they need it the most. Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram runs accredited primary and high schools, which benefit the orphans and thousands of rural children in about 50 villages in this area. In addition to taking care of the physical health by having Doctors, Nurses, and Ayas to support thousands of human beings within its premises, Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram also take cares of mental health needs such as counselling, outdoor activities, keeping the environment clean with greenery and so on thereby resulting in upbeat perspective of life for everyone.

Many, including former Prime Minister of India, Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms. J. Jayalalitha, Shri. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi, Governors, Ministers, Judges, Social Workers, Leading Industrialists, Art/Cine & other achievers have visited our Gurukulam and witnessed our committed work. Here (click here) are a few sample testimonials and photos from our archives. For more, please visit our Gallery and Testimonials pages to experience their personal visits to our organization. We find that these children feel very special to meet such dignitaries and such personal visit induces self-confidence in them to come up in life.