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Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram - Chairperson

For decades, Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram is affectionately called as "Akka" (Sister) in our Gurukulam premises. Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram has been a key personality behind the institution's success in the past five decades. She has a Bachelor degree in Education and is a Post Graduate degree holder in Philosophy from Madras Christian College in Chennai, India. She works with complete dedication everyday towards the sole cause of providing a better life for hundreds of residents and thousands of students in various schools. Since 1974, she started managing the affairs of this institution and has contributed significantly in various departments that aided the growth of this organization. Due to her initiatives, emotional support, sincerity, and involvement, today, Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has a huge family of residents of all ages living with an upbeat perspective on life. Her relentless services have been acknowledged and appreciated not only by other service organizations but also by the State and Central Governments via numerous awards & recognitions.

Mr. Kishore Kumar RajaramPresident

Kishore is an Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in running successful global companies. He has founded three companies so far, including a 17-year old Artificial Intelligence based learning company specializing in teaching, understanding children’s psychology, and academic needs globally. He did his Mechanical Engineering from PSG Tech, India and MBA from UTA, United States. He currently serves on the board & progress assessment committee of many companies, schools & non-profits in United States, Singapore, and India. Kishore is the elder son of Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram and Late Dr. S. Rajaram, who along with his brother Rajesh, grew up among Sivananda children playing cricket with them every weekend. During those times, his strong feeling of how blessed he was to have everything in life with such ease when those children didn’t have any, had a lasting impact on him. After 20 years of living in the United States, Kishore and his family moved to Chennai, India in 2016 although his close association with Sivananda Gurukulam in an official capacity has been for more than a decade before his moving. He is a great admirer of his grandparents' vision and their philanthropic mindset way back in 1945. His father was an inspiration for him and Kishore particularly cherishes the lessons learned from him on how to run a Trust as a Trust. From his mother is where he believes he learnt the true meaning of compassion in social work. Kishore firmly believes that emotional well-being is the key to one's fulfilled life and therefore has been spearheading the task of permeating it to everyone at Sivananda Gurukulam with the help of psychologists & experts.

Mr. Bandhu ChandhokTreasurer. An ardent educator closely associated in the board of many leading schools in the country (like DAV etc) for more than 40 years.

Mr. P. ManiCommittee Member.  An accomplished Ex-Director of School Education for entire Tamil Nadu State with an impressive track record.

Dr. K. GoplakrishnanCommittee Member. A dedicated medical professional with wealth of experience and a sincere heart that looks out for children’s well-being.

Mr. P. RajasekaranCommittee Member.  A renowned personality in his accounting field with decades of Trust/NGO experience who always cares for those in need.

Mrs. Geetha ManiCounselor.  A passionate Psychological Counselor with years of hands on experience counseling a variety of challenging children with diverse backgrounds.

Mrs. S. Srimathi and her team of 120+ able teachers & school staff

Mrs. R. Sivagamasundari and her team of 100+ able teachers & school staff

Mrs. K. Vasanthi and her team of 30+ able teachers & school staff

Mr. S. Senthil Kumar and his team of 15+ able teachers & school staff

We also have advisers from all over the world (from leading Entrepreneurs, Professionals, our own Donors to other NGO heads) who advise our team from time to time.


Shri. S. V. Iyer

Dr. Smt. V. Mangalam


Shri. C. Inder Sain

Shri. Dayachand Malhotra

Shri. Omprakash Malhotra


Late Dr. S. Rajaram

Sivananda Gurukulam is proud to have a strong group of dedicated, highly motivated, and sincere employees who work towards our Gurukulam’s cause. Here are key individuals who are our pillar of strength:

  • S Chandramouli
  • S Senthilvel
  • V Panneerselvam
  • D Elangovan
  • P Navamani
  • M Firdous
  • A David raj
  • V Kalyanaraman
  • N Anu
  • E Sridharan
  • P Abinaya
  • K Nagavalli
  • K Sankar
  • Tej Bahadur Saund
  • J Babu
  • Francis jaikanth
  • S Gunasundari
  • Alamelu
  • Kala Natarajan
  • S Jayanthi
  • S Pachiyammal
  • S Rajeshwari
  • Sakthi
  • P Chithambaram
  • K Rukmini
  • K Venkataramanan
  • E Kowsalya
  • S Velammal
  • A Paramasivam
  • R Pavunu
  • J Krishnaveni
  • T Valarmathi
  • P Thamaraikannan
  • R Ramalingam
  • Subha Aravind