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About Our Future Projects

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram celebrated its 75th year anniversary [Platinum Jubilee] in 2020.

We at Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram, never want to feel even for one second that we have done our best for these children and get complacent. Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has plans to improve and provide a better foundation for the future of the orphan children and various other weaker groups of our society. Our plan ahead is to constantly strive to improve the quality of life of our children and to provide high quality education to below poverty families and uplift them. Our future plans depends on the help extended by the Government, public, and the NRIs. While we have many other aspects in our wish list like Skill Development/Polytechnic, School for Deaf & Dumb, Blind, and the mentally challenged, we are prioritizing the following at this time.

Sivananda Online Learning Initiative

COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has made sure that uncertainties are going to be a part of our normal life from now on. While we face many such uncertainties in the days ahead, we are certain of one aspect of life. Education for children must and will continue. Thanks to technology and our committed volunteers, over the past many years, our online Skype classes greatly benefited our children. Given this success, until things come back to some normalcy, we are planning to utilize various online methods (safely) as an effective medium of instruction. Even during normal times, research shows that technology like smart boards which aid teaching all subject concepts in a localized language like Tamil (using educational videos etc) are far more effective to children - especially those with particular needs & learning disabilities. We primarily educate such children year after year and we take it upon ourselves as a challenge to help them succeed.

We are in need of your help. We educate close to 4000 children in about 50 villages. Apart from hiring quality resources, purchasing books, notebooks, uniforms, educational kits etc for our children, since we are also finding a need to buy a reasonable amount of tablets, smart boards, subscriptions to quality content, and technology infrastructure to support all these compelling needs, we kindly request you to donate generously.

HOW TO DONATE? We have all easy options from NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI(Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, BHIM, Amazon Pay etc)/WIRE, Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card to Cheque, DD and Money Order in both domestic INR (Indian Rupees) and ALL foreign currencies. Click here: Please note that your donations are exempted from Indian Income Tax as per the norms under section 80g of IT Act. We thank you wholeheartedly.

Sivananda Life Skills Center

In India, there are close to 2000 hard skill courses being taught to more than 1.5 million students in about 8000 centers today. The average placement is approximately 20%. Within this 20% who do get a job, around 50% don't last long in the same job. There are two main reasons in our findings for such results. One, there is a high probability of a student learning a wrong skill – a skill that they are not really interested or good at. They pursue such skills anyway just because the training is free or there is money on the table. Two, almost no one is prioritizing emotional counseling on a deeper psychological level and willing to give an emotional commitment for the rest of a student’s life as a primary requirement.

While providing emotional balance & well-being to everyone everywhere is a huge undertaking for anyone, being a social organization, our focus is limited to children below poverty line. Their upbringing, career, and most importantly, “being there for them”, emotionally, for the rest of their lives through their ups and downs is our focus. To accomplish this, we plan to set up an exclusive residential Life Skills Center that will help children succeed emotionally in their life and in their career with the help of our Professional Psychologists & Experts partnership. The end goal of this center is to identify what hard skill best suits a student and nudge them in that direction by providing all life and soft skills that are necessary.

We seek your participation and your participation is our encouragement. We request you to complete a quick online form (will take less than 5 minutes of your time) by sharing your thoughts, which we are sure will go a long way shaping what we strongly feel is a much needed initiative. Click here:

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