Sivananda Gurukulam. Serving the needy since 1945.


Quotes from some of our visitors

Rotary club of Ambattur is immensely privileged to have been associated with Sivananda Ashram, a noble Institution, in the "Sleeping Children around the world". We shall cherish this appearance for years.


I am happy to have a view of this Institution. Although it was started in 1945, it is not yet expanded to a great strength. It seems dye to paucity of donation. More expansions are needed. My all the best wishes to the organizers and children of this Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram.


It is said that when God closes one door he opens another. So when a child looses natural parents God takes the responsibility of the parents, and HE does this through some divine souls. Blesses are those divine souls and the children who receive the affection of these divine souls are even more blessed. Seeing is believing that in these days of man eating man there are some like Dr. S. Rajaram and Smt. Rajaram who love those who are entrusted to their care by the ALMIGHTY. I wish the children all the best parental love and affection and elders/aged person's peace, happiness and good health. Above all I wish the ashram and the patronage of all those more fortune in the service of less fortune. May God give energy, strength and will power to the young couple to cross many hurdle that come in their way in the course of those who are entrusted to their care by the ALMIGHTY for their welfare. WITH LOVE TO ALL.


I am extremely pleased to be invited today for Annual day function. I place my deep sense of appreciations for Dr. & Mrs. Rajaram. I am also pleased with the teachers. I place my deep sense of appreciations for the boys and girls of this institution.

May God bless you, your wife, children and also the orphanage.


It has been a great pleasure to me to have been able to participate in the Annual Day celebrations of this Sevashram. Under the Guidance of Thiru & Thirumathi Rajaram this integrated complex of institution for Children and the aged is fulfilling an important need of this community. The Institution seems to provide love and affection those very much in need of it.

I would like to congratulate the management, donors and well wishers of this organization for sponsoring such a worthy cause. May best wishes for the further promotion of these Institution.


Visited this institution after many years and I am happy to see the development. The children are bright and healthy may they their future be also bright. May the plans of Tmt. & Thiru Rajaram to start an Industrial Training Institute become a reality so that many more deprived children may benefit.


I am glad to visit Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram and to see the work being carried on here by Dr. S. Rajaram and his colleagues. The home for the elders though not big it serves about 25 senior citizens. The orphan girls and boys all appear to be happy. They are well clad and look cheerful. His effort is commendable and require encouragement to make it a model institution. I wish this institution all success.


I had the privilege to visit Sivananda Ashram on the 5th August and see for myself the wonderful work done by Mrs. and Dr. Rajaram and their dedicated team. There is a difference between service and dedication. While service carry an element of ego, dedication is devoid of ego. The person offering services feels that "I am doing this and my services are required"5:28 PM 6/2/2010 where as the dedicated person feels and derives pleasure out of doing the service. I witnessed in Sivananda Ashram ample demonstration of this sincere dedication of people involved in a noble cause.

In a materialistic society, where the values are getting devalued everyday, Sivananda Ashram stands as a symbol for the aspirations of a good society. The innocent look and enthusiasm of the children and the care with which they are being brought up makes me proud and happy that our culture and heritage exists. An interaction with the old people at the Ashram made me sad that our materialism has gone to the extent that children abandon their fundamental duty for the sake of materialistic gain. The Ashram is healing the wounds passed on by the society by taking care of the old people by allowing interaction of these old people with young children in the ashram. A happy family with absolute faith in God is being developed. I do not consider that anyone can be called an orphan for, all are God's children. My visit to the ashram has strengthened me to resolve that in a humble way, I should extend support to the noble cause undertaken in this Ashram and spread the spirit of love and peace. For you and the members of your team while I offer my salutation and good wishers, I trust they will continue to maintain the same sense of dedication while this institution grows and always remember that they are serving God by serving those in the Ashram.


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