Serving the needy since 1945

SEE GOD IN EVERYONE is a gospel in which Swami Sivananda Saraswathi had great faith. The Sivananda Ashram Kattan Kolathur, founded in his name by Shri S.V.Iyer and Dr.Mangalam is now nourished and brought up by Mr. Rajaram and Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram and the beneficiaries are the orphans in whom the disciplined and devoted couple see God.

May almighty shower his blessings on this institution and shade to multitude who may turn our as mighty and glorious sons of India.


Today I had the unique pleasure of paying a visit to this great institution run for the benefit of the destitute and children. I see the happy faces of the young children, is a pleasure by itself. This institution has got a great potential to grow further and to expand in different sphere.

The selfless services rendered by Dr. S. Rajaram, and Mrs. Rajaram and the band of teachers deserve not only appreciation but also our encouragement .

I hope and pray that authorities in various sectors will come forward to assist this institution in its efforts.


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